Building the new

I have reached the point where I can admit that I have no idea of what I’m doing. Im simply doing what feels right, honoring my feelings and believes. I blindly trust in my path and that I am exactly where I “should be”. I am Here, Now.

As I see things now, I might as well care for what I have, rather than to fall victim of the shortcomings. What we water will grow. What is present now is the corner stones of what is to come.  

One thing I’ve noticed with this, while both studying my own behaviors and communicating with others on this, is that we forget to detect the gap in between where you are now and where your want to be.  

Many struggle with taking ”that first step”, whatever that now is.

The reason for this, I believe, is that we put to much focus on practical things such as planing “how to”  reach your goal. To me, this is missing the point completely. Forget the fact, that you one day wished to be where you are now.

You see, we can spend a lifetime wishing, looking at things as they could be better. And this is indeed what you will create, if you do not learn to appreciate the now and what is offered to you at this moment.  

If we keep resisting and resenting what is, we only build more of this. The key in having a new experience is looking at what you already consider that you know, from a new perspective. Or better yet experience it from a new perspective.  

Luckily for you, each now is new, so you don’t have to strain your brain looking for it.