True and simple

Finally, I feel like a can start writing, from the now. Just letting the words flow through me. It took quite some practice, and here I am. Free writing.  

I believe my blockage was that I would judge the words even before I allowed it to be written. I judged the story before I allowed it to be heard.  

I became attached to the words, thinking that they had to represent me.  

so I would chock. I would freeze. I would hide from the art that so freely flows through me.  

I now see that that even though I am the creator of my reality, I do not own the art that comes through me. I am not the creator of the art, but the space holder of in which this art is presented. 

Who am I to judge it, to deny it or doubt in it?  

I dive deeper into my being, learning to open up, to listen and to receive. I master the art of manifestation. I listen to my intuition and inner guidance. I am courageous and fearless. No longer I am held back because of the fear of what “they” may think. 

Just like in my writing, I now allow things to flow. No more holding on to the hurt. Letting things be, true and simple.