Thoughts and mindset

Since the previous topic had to do with the mind, I feel that this is a fitting follow up.  


Often are the thoughs we have repetitive and this is called thought patterns. Now that you have been doing the exercises, self observation and meditation, you may have noticed that it is almost as if the mind has a life if it's own.  

Become aware of how the thought you have effect you.  

You have probably heard of the law of attraction. What you are you will attract, or what you give you will get. The way you think will also form the external or how you perceive things to be.  

Know that the way you think is something that you have created, it didn't just happen out of no where. It's the ego on auto pilot, but in this case let's call it a survival mechanism. As I mentioned in the previous topic, the intellect is a problem solver. The down side to this is that when it comes up with a solution, the solution stays the same and so does the outcome. So when ever we are confronted with a similar  "problem" or situation we will draw the same conclusion to save time. 

The intellect is actually a survival mechanism, and it's meant to work quickly when in danger or under pressure. The thing is that we live in times which are hectic and stressful, therefore it is as if things "just" happens. We are reacting instead of acting or taking action.  

Exercise: journaling, documenting how you view the events that take place in your life.  

Note: This is another for of observation, where you can capture your thoughts in action, take some distance and come back and read the things you actually think.