The ego and false identities

The ego lives in the intellect and the intellect has the ability to solve problems. But when there is no problem to solve it will create one.  

The intellect is a tool of the mind and too often we confuse ourselves with this, identifying with our thoughts. We believe that we are our mind when in reality we are so much more.  

We live in times that are ruled by the intellect and therefore the ego is very active.  

Have you ever noticed the ongoing conversation in the mind? The ego has opinions about everything. It's on edge and ready to rationalize and make sense out of all that is happening externally and internally. The problem is that this keeps us from New experiences and the ego will draw parallels from previous experiences which keeps you from experiencing the now.  

Each now is new, so take a step back and try to distance yourself from what the mind is telling you is happening, otherwise you will just have the same experience. Be present and have an open mind.  

Once you learn not to identify with your mind it can be pretty entertaining. A whole lot of ideas can be born out of observing the conflict the ego tends to have with itself.  

Truth is that we can't get rid of the mind, but we can distance ourselves from our thoughts and explore other parts of our being.  

Meditation is a great way to deal with the monkey mind, and by practicing this we will realize that to often overthinking only will exhaust us keeping us from enjoying this moment right here right now.


Exercise: Breathing and meditation.  

Note: when we place our attention and focus on our breath there will be no room for thoughts. When ever you notice that your mind is drifting, gently return to breathing. Breathing in, breathing out. Some may count, some may use mantras and others may visualize. We will go deeper into breathing techniques and meditations, but for now, focus on your breathing. Keep that energy flowing!