True and simple

Finally, I feel like a can start writing, from the now. Just letting the words flow through me. It took quite some practice, and here I am. Free writing.  

I believe my blockage was that I would judge the words even before I allowed it to be written. I judged the story before I allowed it to be heard.  

I became attached to the words, thinking that they had to represent me.  

so I would chock. I would freeze. I would hide from the art that so freely flows through me.  

I now see that that even though I am the creator of my reality, I do not own the art that comes through me. I am not the creator of the art, but the space holder of in which this art is presented. 

Who am I to judge it, to deny it or doubt in it?  

I dive deeper into my being, learning to open up, to listen and to receive. I master the art of manifestation. I listen to my intuition and inner guidance. I am courageous and fearless. No longer I am held back because of the fear of what “they” may think. 

Just like in my writing, I now allow things to flow. No more holding on to the hurt. Letting things be, true and simple.  




Hatha flow, 11 AM on Saturdays at Pranama, Ringvägen 126 

• presence

• opening up to what is

• building the new with what you have now

• starting from where you are

• letting go of expectations and prestige

sow your seeds in love, water it with kindness and have faith that they will crack through the earth and make its way towards the light. Just like you.

So come spend time with what ever you are going through. Let it move you, listen to your own needs and trust in the now.

Challenging yourself in letting go of what you think, and opening up to the curiosity of what is. Tasting the now with all your senses. Diving in to the formless, shapeless and timeless universe that you are.

Come! Let’s explore😘🌸 Love,



Building the new

I have reached the point where I can admit that I have no idea of what I’m doing. Im simply doing what feels right, honoring my feelings and believes. I blindly trust in my path and that I am exactly where I “should be”. I am Here, Now.

As I see things now, I might as well care for what I have, rather than to fall victim of the shortcomings. What we water will grow. What is present now is the corner stones of what is to come.  

One thing I’ve noticed with this, while both studying my own behaviors and communicating with others on this, is that we forget to detect the gap in between where you are now and where your want to be.  

Many struggle with taking ”that first step”, whatever that now is.

The reason for this, I believe, is that we put to much focus on practical things such as planing “how to”  reach your goal. To me, this is missing the point completely. Forget the fact, that you one day wished to be where you are now.

You see, we can spend a lifetime wishing, looking at things as they could be better. And this is indeed what you will create, if you do not learn to appreciate the now and what is offered to you at this moment.  

If we keep resisting and resenting what is, we only build more of this. The key in having a new experience is looking at what you already consider that you know, from a new perspective. Or better yet experience it from a new perspective.  

Luckily for you, each now is new, so you don’t have to strain your brain looking for it.  

Body awareness

Since we have been spending a lot of time in our mind, I think it's time to enter the body.  

The thoughts we think are vibrations that has an effect on our body. Thoughts triggers feelings that sit within different parts of our physical being. But holding on to things serves us no good. So we want to learn how to release and create space for the new, and this means letting go of any kind of thought, good and bad. This is why movement is so good for us because we create the opportunity of releasing, especially once we connect movement with breath. Releasing and receiving, over and over again.

Becoming aware of your body and what it needs by observing and listening to it, is somehing you want to invite into your daily practice. 


The same way we have thought patterns we also have emotional and behavioral patterns. Becoming aware of these are equally as important as being aware of our thoughts.  

Remember, we are only focusing on becoming aware of the way we experience life, not forcing change upon nor running away from ourselves. 

If I was a therapist I would probably advice you to get to the root of why you feel this way, but I am no therapist. Instead I ask you to become aware of the way you operate, without judgment and without making excuses. Just like with your thoughts, take a step back, and just look. Learn to see the connection between thoughts and emotions, learn to sit with them, rather than reacting to them. 

Thoughts and mindset

Since the previous topic had to do with the mind, I feel that this is a fitting follow up.  


Often are the thoughs we have repetitive and this is called thought patterns. Now that you have been doing the exercises, self observation and meditation, you may have noticed that it is almost as if the mind has a life if it's own.  

Become aware of how the thought you have effect you.  

You have probably heard of the law of attraction. What you are you will attract, or what you give you will get. The way you think will also form the external or how you perceive things to be.  

Know that the way you think is something that you have created, it didn't just happen out of no where. It's the ego on auto pilot, but in this case let's call it a survival mechanism. As I mentioned in the previous topic, the intellect is a problem solver. The down side to this is that when it comes up with a solution, the solution stays the same and so does the outcome. So when ever we are confronted with a similar  "problem" or situation we will draw the same conclusion to save time. 

The intellect is actually a survival mechanism, and it's meant to work quickly when in danger or under pressure. The thing is that we live in times which are hectic and stressful, therefore it is as if things "just" happens. We are reacting instead of acting or taking action.  

Exercise: journaling, documenting how you view the events that take place in your life.  

Note: This is another for of observation, where you can capture your thoughts in action, take some distance and come back and read the things you actually think.

The ego and false identities

The ego lives in the intellect and the intellect has the ability to solve problems. But when there is no problem to solve it will create one.  

The intellect is a tool of the mind and too often we confuse ourselves with this, identifying with our thoughts. We believe that we are our mind when in reality we are so much more.  

We live in times that are ruled by the intellect and therefore the ego is very active.  

Have you ever noticed the ongoing conversation in the mind? The ego has opinions about everything. It's on edge and ready to rationalize and make sense out of all that is happening externally and internally. The problem is that this keeps us from New experiences and the ego will draw parallels from previous experiences which keeps you from experiencing the now.  

Each now is new, so take a step back and try to distance yourself from what the mind is telling you is happening, otherwise you will just have the same experience. Be present and have an open mind.  

Once you learn not to identify with your mind it can be pretty entertaining. A whole lot of ideas can be born out of observing the conflict the ego tends to have with itself.  

Truth is that we can't get rid of the mind, but we can distance ourselves from our thoughts and explore other parts of our being.  

Meditation is a great way to deal with the monkey mind, and by practicing this we will realize that to often overthinking only will exhaust us keeping us from enjoying this moment right here right now.


Exercise: Breathing and meditation.  

Note: when we place our attention and focus on our breath there will be no room for thoughts. When ever you notice that your mind is drifting, gently return to breathing. Breathing in, breathing out. Some may count, some may use mantras and others may visualize. We will go deeper into breathing techniques and meditations, but for now, focus on your breathing. Keep that energy flowing! 


Once I became aware of myself(which is an ongoing process) it was chocking to see how judgmental I was toward myself. My self talk was so harsh and I became ashamed of the judgmental comments I would repeat over and over again. The ironic thing was that in my shame i was once again judging myself and this made it so much easier for me to make excuses for my thoughts, emotions and behaviors. It all became a vicious cycle.

Becoming aware of oneself does not mean that you have to force change upon yourself, remember that change is inevitable. Just be observant and learn how to sit with what ever arises without trying to change it. Let it be what it is and have faith in the process of life.

"We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.", The Talmud (Jewish sacred text).

Everything is a reflection of yourself and I like to say that everything start with thyself. In one of Louise Hays books she says that when we find something in another person we dislike, you can turn the attention inwards and find the same thing with in yourself. So we can only see as far or as deep as we are.

Just because you see this thing you believe you see in others does not necessarily mean that it is there. This is misperception, and how you view others says more about you than it says about them. Remember that we are all on a journey, and stay on your path instead of judging others. Turn the focus and attention inwards. Discover yourself by being aware of yourself and where you are right now.

Exercise: Self- obervation 

Part 1: Awareness

The word itself means ability to directly know and perceive, to feel and to be. The state or quality of being conscious of something. 

Before you can truly be aware of something, you want to be aware of yourself. Since you are the observer or perceiver, you also want to be aware of where you are standing. 

"Awareness allows us to get outside of our mind and observe it in action."- Dan Brule

"Withdraw your awareness from everything, and just let it rest within yourself, and you have arrived home." - Osho