Banana Chips

I love to experiment with different foods and lately I been hooked on diy, creating things from scratch.  Last night I dried bananas to top my açaí bowl the following morning. Best one so far by the way(I will share the recipe on another post) 

Any how, back to the banana chips. 



Do this: 

• Start by turning on the oven to 125-150 Celsius or around 260 Fahrenheit  

• Slice the banana into thin slices

•  Place the sliced banana on bake sheet with bake paper




 • Place the bake sheet in the oven for about 1,5 h

for best result keep oven ajar (slightly open to let the heat out)


Great as snacks, mixed with your granola or as topping on your smoothie / açaí bowl.  


Enjoy 🍌🍃🌿