As I watched myself watching myself, I wondered, who is this watching me?  

Am I an infinite spirit watching myself having a physical experience, through the ever changing nows that adds up to my life?  

This experience feels so new and yet so familiar. Is this the timeless place I feared so much?  

Suddenly I heard, "you are drifting, soften your focus. Come back to the here and now. Do not fear what you see. You are safe to observe, safe to listen, safe to be".  

I became aware of my body and how tense I had become, as if my body was resisting this experience. I took a deep breath, let go of the fear, trusting that the universe will hold me. Once again I was floating, once again I was tasting the sweet essence of my infinite soul. Here I was safe. Here I was free.  

What a peaceful feeling, letting go of the control I thought is had.