Day 11

So today is day 11 of my sadhana(spiritual practice) with the theme "discipline and commitment". I took the time to really think about my passions and honestly it's not as hard as I make it to be. I guess that's resistance, fear and doubt that I can accomplish the things I dream of. Sometimes I find it challenging to put words to the things I wish to happen and for some reason it's so much easier to name the things I don't want. 

I am once again seeing the power of gratitude, and being grateful for what it. I have built a routine of creating music, and now I'm also creating jewelry. This I am proud and grateful of. Yoga is a part of my daily life and meditation is soon to be a part of it aswell. I am learning to be patient while I build. Laying each brick as perfect as I am capable of in that moment. Growing to understand that persistency is key! It's ok to wander, because each time I come back to what's important I build a stronger muscle of mindfulness.  

Sometimes we have to forget in order to remember. Each time I "come back" I stay longer, and each time I slip, I remember to return quicker. I have now understood that this is my journey and everything that comes with it is my experience. I learn to treasure it all, "ups" as well as "downs" . 

With all the self criticism and doubts I've experienced I can now say that I love to sing, I love to draw, I love to move my body, I love to write, I love making jewelry, and most importantly I do not have to prove myself in any of these things, because I do not do the to impress. I do it simply because it is a part of me, and others opinions and criticism does no longer effect me.  

I am an artist!