Discipline and commitment, day 1

So once again, I have an urge to express myself and what I'm going through. At the moment I m reading this book my mother gave me, it's called " The game of life and how to play it". Honestly it has had a huge impact on me already even though I only read one chapter. I won't get in to details of the book but I will share with you the thoughts that are arising from it.  

It is so easy to forget what we are here for, and with the constant distractions and temptations of this world, I often find myself off track. One week I have this enthusiasm about where I'm heading in life, and the next week I feel completely lost. This is nothing new, and I pat myself on the back for strengthening the muscle of mindfulness. Because now a days I get back on track with in days or weeks, when before it could take me months to even realize that I've been drifting.  

Today I am committing to my purpose fully, and the intention of this year is discipline. The irony is that commitment takes discipline, and also will. I know that there will be days that I don't feel for it and that's just old patterns repeating it self , but to create the new I also have to do something different . 

My purpose it still something that isn't completely clear to me, and this is why I am building this commitment to myself, because somehow I am my life purpose.  

The book has shed the light on how important and powerful the word is, and therefore I am committed to write! To express where I am and to have the courage to dream.  

There is something else that I have found powerful these couple of days and I have mentioned it in an earlier post probably last year ( if I haven't deleted it) and that is the on going conversation that we have with ourselves. The beauty of this is that it is also the conversions we are having with the universe. This is the law of attraction, and the universe is always listening. It will respond on the same frequency as your self talk. So if you are talking down to yourself this is also what you will receive. 

I have been working on myself talk and honestly it haven't been the easiest thing to accept. I come from such destructive behaviors, and still from time to time they will visit. Then again I must say I am proud of where I stand today, and the fact that I can face myself with love and understanding.