Upcoming yoga class

I am excited for my upcoming yoga class I am instructing! The last one I did was truly a eye opener, and I got to observe myself in a way I never have done before! I know that the learning and growing never ends and I am curious how things will unfold this time!  

My current focus is grounding, which I believe that we can find very useful in the times we live in! In grounding we will focus on the first chakra, root or base chakra or muladara chakra which it's called in the yogic  language Sanskrit. This is the first chakra and it's located in the base of the spine. The element is earth and represents our physical form. 

When energy flows freely through this chakra it supports us and we feel safe. Just like a solid foundation. But when there are blockages here, we experience fear, and as a survival instinct we push away new experiences and connect back to painful experiences of the past. We are then unable to create new connections. 

Hopefully I will be able to guide my students through their fears and achieve new and soothing experiences of being here and now.