Turning my frustration into motivation

For so long, I've been searching for approval, and to be accepted. I been longing to be loved for who I am. Especially from the people close to me. Even though I know not everyone will approve of me and my ways.

Accepting myself have been hard when people around me disapprove of my beliefs. I would become frustrated with this and feel as if I'm not good enough. Even though I know I am the one who has to accept me, it's been a struggle since I want so badly for others to love and see me for who I am.  

Where I struggle the most is with my mans family. They have had their fair share of opinions about me, and what's so funny is that I don't blame them. But it's as if they blame me for the things that goes wrong in his life.  

Being the people pleaser that I am I have had no problem taking the blame and sadly I would start to blame myself aswell.  

I have lived a troubled life, and I have also been open and honest about this to those around me. But instead of being supported I would be judged.  

Don't get me wrong, I do have supportive people in my life, and ever since I started working on my self my family and friends have been very supportive!  

And still I feel so hurt by not getting my mans families approval, or compassion.  

Today I am turning that frustration into motivation.  

I now feel motivated to continue walking down my path with pride regardless of who's watching!  

I have lead a broken life, but I am picking up the peices, knowing that this is what's has molded me into the beautiful woman I am today. And no one will stop me from continuing to bloom!