Self love

For quite some time I had wondered about this term. What is self love?  

Loving yourself, not only when you feel good about yourself, was unthinkable for me. Therefore I had to learn more about compassion before I could explore this term of self love. 

It didn't exist in my world that I could love myself even at my lowes point. I was living a life lead by the ego, and the ego had a lot to say about who I was. Trust me, I am not ego free today, I have just learned that I don't have to believe in what the ego is trying to convince me of. 

As soon as I started to practice compassion, humbleness followed. I was learning to look at myself with a pair of loving eyes instead of the judgmental pair I was so blindly gazed through. 

I started to explore all parts of myself, and found the courage to look closer at the parts of myself that I had so desperately ignored. The hurt part of me. My inner child.  

Today I believe that self love is being open to change. Allowing oneself to grow. Giving yourself permission to shed those layers and identities that you hold on to. Letting go of the past, by accepting that it has brought you here. Self love to me, is acceptance of it all, the "good" and the "bad", and despite the flaws being able to see oneself as valuable and important. Being kind to oneself!