Dear Sweden

Feels good to be on my way back to Stockholm, after an intense weekend in Malmö. Honestly I have mix emotions about the events that took place during this weekend and still is happiness the main feeling, knowing that we gained so much from this experience.

But still is disappointment a feeling I am very familiar with. This disappointment is something that I have kept to myself, and finally I feel strong enough to voice my opinion on this matter.

Sweden, you have never accepted my skin color, even though you've been very fascinated with my hair. So many times I've heard that I have that perfect sunburned skincolor people would kill for, and yet I am not white enough to fit in to your society in a way you would feel comfortable with. With other words you say my mother is too black. So distracted by the color of my skin you forget to see past that and forget to see the person I am. 

Growing up I would struggle not because I wanted to be white, but because I wanted to be seen as a human being and not a skincolor! I didn't want to be treated differently and still this was the treatment I was given.  

My father knew that I would struggle with this and tried to prepare me the best way he could for this hard and harsh reality. He said to me that it won't be easy being a smart beautiful black woman in this society so I have to work harder then others to get the things I wanted and to get the respect I deserve. 

For some it's hard to imagine or even understand how hard it is to be different. Standing out without even trying to stand out. I'm not trying to make a statement by dressing provocative or aiming for attention, I just simply want to be me... But I'm guessing that is a statement! 

I want to empower all women out there that feel similar. It is time for us to get the recognition we deserve, not because we are black, different or women, but because we are human!  

Now, with that said I also want to express my gratitude over having a older sister who always have been paving the way for me and the younger generation. Proving that we do not have to complain about the way things look, but simply address reality and create an alternative choice for our youth.

With love!  

Let's do this!