Good morning

I have yet gotten out for bed, and the time is 10am. I feel chattered, and can't decide if I should order a coffee or a tea from downstairs. I'm guessing that's just luxury problems, being that everything we order comes right up in the food elevator that goes from the cafeteria straight up to my kitchen.  

Latte it is...  

Now I have the next decision to make, what book will I read this morning. I am the kind of person who likes to read multiple books att the time. I feel as if the universe really speaks to me in that way. But the problem is that it takes time to read then, being that I sometimes have a hard time picking I which to read I don't read at all. Some days I read from all of them, those days are my productive days where I listen to my sound books, listen to my podcasts, read all my books and write a couple of pages in my journal. My goal is to have this productive flow everyday, also do morning yoga and meditation and a round two in the evening. 

Oh, there goes my latte. I will continue to write later on today.