It's happening

So I am officially 11 days over due, and I am finally having contractions! Yaaay.


On Monday I went to see my midwife and due to leakage I was sent to the hospital to examine if the water had broke. But it was a false alarm, apparently it was just discharge in a very watery form, which is common before labor starts. 


I was patiently waiting for labor to kick in, but nothing was happening. Yesterday I noticed a change in the color of the discharge. It went from this see through watery liquid to a pinkish color and a bit thicker in the texture. This is a sign that the cervix is ripening, and it wasn't long until I started having contractions. 


Ive been up all night, clocking contractions. Since two am they have been consistent, 10 minutes apart. Then it was a while when they were about 20 minutes apart around 7am this morning. Now I am having two contractions in 7 minutes and the clock is 1:40pm. I'm gonna continue clocking for a while and then head in to the hospital.  


I am so excited. This is it, we are finally meeting our baby girl!