first yoga class

I am so grateful for the people that came today, and the fact that they trusted me to lead them through this class. I must admit that I messed up a couple of times, but we grow from our mistakes, and I refuse to see it as failure. If this was a while back I would be really hard on myself, because I know that I know better. Still I sometimes have to make those mistakes that I was so frightened doing, and turn the fear into courage and knowledge. 

We all start as beginners and practice makes perfect. I ask myself, what is it that I want to teach, and the same moment ask myself I know that I want to teach love and compassion. 

But most importantly I have to practice it, on myself and others. I am finding my way and my voice through this journey and I am learning to be proud even of my flaws. And by that I mean grateful for the experience of it, but it doesn't mean that I won't work on the things I feel needs my attention a bit more.