There are so many things happening in my body right now, and I wish I could put words to the experiance that I am having. Over all I feel showered with love, but occasionally sadness washes over me...

I have been struggling to find my place in this world and what I longed for the most was to be accepted by the people around me. Getting their approval was so important that I would bend backwards just to get a pat on the back.  

Finally I stopped trying to prove myself, but sadly I turned bitter instead. After years of working with self acceptance and self love I now realize that I still have quite some work to do. But today my self work is filled with self love.

Today I have people around me that love me even at my very lowest, and because of that I am capable of working through the rough times. They don't expect me to be at my happiest or very best at all times and they understand that I am human. They don't distance themselves just because I'm not as jolly as usual, and they understand when I need to figure something's out for myself. Allowing me to make my own decisions without judgment and supports me all the way.

To my sisterhood, you are all my sisters! I am blessed to have you in my life. Grateful to share joy and pain with you, to share laughter and tears, to share this experience of life with you by my side! I feel blessed to know such beautiful souls!