Day 115 (sadhana)

The days are slipping by fast and for some reason, they all kind of blur together. Floating through space forgetting all about the concept of time. Finally I feel free. I am free in my thinking, and I feel free in my body. 

Breaking through the berries, digging through the layers, exposing the core. 

I had to accept myself and the life that I had built for myself, and therefor I learned to be compassionate with others and where they stand. Last year (summer 2015) my mother gave my a book written by Louise Hay, You can heal your life. This book was my wake up call.

I had a series of experiences that I allowed to effect me negatively, and for quite some time I was questioning pretty much everything. My questioning had started long before my mother gave me this book, but it was as if I was reading my own words, and for the first time I opened up to listen. This book helped me to structure my life and finally I started to walk the walk, and even though it was less talking I would still talk. I am learning to be more selective in what I say, and I'm trying to keep it simple. Simplicity is key.

115 days ago I started a intensive yoga teacher course. and it has been everything between intensive and peaceful. I have gained so many tools from this experience and now i truly feel like a yogini.

Yoga had been extremely helpful in all aspects of my life and I am grateful for the relationship I have developed with yoga and myself! I went from thinking spiritually to actually with my whole being expressing my spirituality!

Light and blessings <3