The fact that I am pregnant completely slipped my mind due to a hectic day morning. I entered week 15 today, and now the baby is starting to pick up sound through the vibration in the water! That's so freaking amazing, and the fact that I am creating a life right now is mind blowing. 

Now I am going to talk to my stomach and cuddle with the precious bundle of joy that is growing with in!  

New day, new opportunities

Gaaaah, what a morning it's been. Filled with frustration, which I don't find negative at all. In my frustration I also get to know myself and the things that ticks me which are the things that I am learning to deal with. 

Since I accepted that I was healing I also had to admit to myself that I was hurting. Being honest with this allows me to get deeper within. 

Selfawareness brings awareness over all. To see where I stand and how I perceive things allows be to understand myself and how I am constantly changing. Learning not to allow emotions run the show. But still I find it important to feel, without clinging on to these emotions.  

It's equally important to feel as it is to deal with these emotions. Not holding the emotions against oneself. Seeing things for what they are. 

Moment of truth

It seems as if the latest post I've been posting have magically disappeared, but I guess it was meant to be that way.  

So good people, the moment of truth has finally arrived.  

To be honest I feel alone. I do have my amazing man that is so sweet and supportive, but when it comes to friends I honestly don't really feel I have many.  

It's always been hard for me to have female friends and even harder to have genuine male friends. For so long I felt like a lonely wolf, and at times I still do. 

I don't have a problem spending time with myself, I actually enjoy it! I just find myself socially awkward and often misjudged in company of others. 

Maybe I am crazy to say this, but I have to be honest with how I feel... at times it's as if the friends I have don't always like me... and sometimes even envy me. It's like people tend to feel the need of competing. 

Jealousy is a tricky thing... and I have a hard time believing that people do it on purpose. So I can't think bad of them for being jealous.  

I strongly believe that friendship and companionship should be all about lifting each other up, but it's not often I see that happening in our generation. Sadly there is so much underneath the surface people rather hide and deny than to face and deal with...

When ever things go well for the people around me or even people I don't know, I am filled with joy! And I have learned read comparing oneself with others with only lead to disappointment.  

I've learned to be grateful for what life offers me, instead of wishing for what life has offered others. 

Day 11

So today is day 11 of my sadhana(spiritual practice) with the theme "discipline and commitment". I took the time to really think about my passions and honestly it's not as hard as I make it to be. I guess that's resistance, fear and doubt that I can accomplish the things I dream of. Sometimes I find it challenging to put words to the things I wish to happen and for some reason it's so much easier to name the things I don't want. 

I am once again seeing the power of gratitude, and being grateful for what it. I have built a routine of creating music, and now I'm also creating jewelry. This I am proud and grateful of. Yoga is a part of my daily life and meditation is soon to be a part of it aswell. I am learning to be patient while I build. Laying each brick as perfect as I am capable of in that moment. Growing to understand that persistency is key! It's ok to wander, because each time I come back to what's important I build a stronger muscle of mindfulness.  

Sometimes we have to forget in order to remember. Each time I "come back" I stay longer, and each time I slip, I remember to return quicker. I have now understood that this is my journey and everything that comes with it is my experience. I learn to treasure it all, "ups" as well as "downs" . 

With all the self criticism and doubts I've experienced I can now say that I love to sing, I love to draw, I love to move my body, I love to write, I love making jewelry, and most importantly I do not have to prove myself in any of these things, because I do not do the to impress. I do it simply because it is a part of me, and others opinions and criticism does no longer effect me.  

I am an artist! 

Discipline and commitment, day 1

So once again, I have an urge to express myself and what I'm going through. At the moment I m reading this book my mother gave me, it's called " The game of life and how to play it". Honestly it has had a huge impact on me already even though I only read one chapter. I won't get in to details of the book but I will share with you the thoughts that are arising from it.  

It is so easy to forget what we are here for, and with the constant distractions and temptations of this world, I often find myself off track. One week I have this enthusiasm about where I'm heading in life, and the next week I feel completely lost. This is nothing new, and I pat myself on the back for strengthening the muscle of mindfulness. Because now a days I get back on track with in days or weeks, when before it could take me months to even realize that I've been drifting.  

Today I am committing to my purpose fully, and the intention of this year is discipline. The irony is that commitment takes discipline, and also will. I know that there will be days that I don't feel for it and that's just old patterns repeating it self , but to create the new I also have to do something different . 

My purpose it still something that isn't completely clear to me, and this is why I am building this commitment to myself, because somehow I am my life purpose.  

The book has shed the light on how important and powerful the word is, and therefore I am committed to write! To express where I am and to have the courage to dream.  

There is something else that I have found powerful these couple of days and I have mentioned it in an earlier post probably last year ( if I haven't deleted it) and that is the on going conversation that we have with ourselves. The beauty of this is that it is also the conversions we are having with the universe. This is the law of attraction, and the universe is always listening. It will respond on the same frequency as your self talk. So if you are talking down to yourself this is also what you will receive. 

I have been working on myself talk and honestly it haven't been the easiest thing to accept. I come from such destructive behaviors, and still from time to time they will visit. Then again I must say I am proud of where I stand today, and the fact that I can face myself with love and understanding.  


Upcoming yoga class

I am excited for my upcoming yoga class I am instructing! The last one I did was truly a eye opener, and I got to observe myself in a way I never have done before! I know that the learning and growing never ends and I am curious how things will unfold this time!  

My current focus is grounding, which I believe that we can find very useful in the times we live in! In grounding we will focus on the first chakra, root or base chakra or muladara chakra which it's called in the yogic  language Sanskrit. This is the first chakra and it's located in the base of the spine. The element is earth and represents our physical form. 

When energy flows freely through this chakra it supports us and we feel safe. Just like a solid foundation. But when there are blockages here, we experience fear, and as a survival instinct we push away new experiences and connect back to painful experiences of the past. We are then unable to create new connections. 

Hopefully I will be able to guide my students through their fears and achieve new and soothing experiences of being here and now. 

The journey of healing

I can't pretend that life is easy. Even though it is beautiful the wounded girl in me still cries. Dealing with the painful truth of my reality has been challenging for me, and from time to time I forget how grateful I am for it all! 

The upside of this story is that I was battling depression and now I no longer suffer from it. Even though frustration visits me from time to time I am now aware that it won't stay for long, unless I cling on to it.  

I am still reprogramming my brain from the untrue believes that I would replay in my head like a broken record! 


Turning my frustration into motivation

For so long, I've been searching for approval, and to be accepted. I been longing to be loved for who I am. Especially from the people close to me. Even though I know not everyone will approve of me and my ways.

Accepting myself have been hard when people around me disapprove of my beliefs. I would become frustrated with this and feel as if I'm not good enough. Even though I know I am the one who has to accept me, it's been a struggle since I want so badly for others to love and see me for who I am.  

Where I struggle the most is with my mans family. They have had their fair share of opinions about me, and what's so funny is that I don't blame them. But it's as if they blame me for the things that goes wrong in his life.  

Being the people pleaser that I am I have had no problem taking the blame and sadly I would start to blame myself aswell.  

I have lived a troubled life, and I have also been open and honest about this to those around me. But instead of being supported I would be judged.  

Don't get me wrong, I do have supportive people in my life, and ever since I started working on my self my family and friends have been very supportive!  

And still I feel so hurt by not getting my mans families approval, or compassion.  

Today I am turning that frustration into motivation.  

I now feel motivated to continue walking down my path with pride regardless of who's watching!  

I have lead a broken life, but I am picking up the peices, knowing that this is what's has molded me into the beautiful woman I am today. And no one will stop me from continuing to bloom!  



Self love

For quite some time I had wondered about this term. What is self love?  

Loving yourself, not only when you feel good about yourself, was unthinkable for me. Therefore I had to learn more about compassion before I could explore this term of self love. 

It didn't exist in my world that I could love myself even at my lowes point. I was living a life lead by the ego, and the ego had a lot to say about who I was. Trust me, I am not ego free today, I have just learned that I don't have to believe in what the ego is trying to convince me of. 

As soon as I started to practice compassion, humbleness followed. I was learning to look at myself with a pair of loving eyes instead of the judgmental pair I was so blindly gazed through. 

I started to explore all parts of myself, and found the courage to look closer at the parts of myself that I had so desperately ignored. The hurt part of me. My inner child.  

Today I believe that self love is being open to change. Allowing oneself to grow. Giving yourself permission to shed those layers and identities that you hold on to. Letting go of the past, by accepting that it has brought you here. Self love to me, is acceptance of it all, the "good" and the "bad", and despite the flaws being able to see oneself as valuable and important. Being kind to oneself! 

To see yourself is to take responsibility for your own behavior. Not blaming others for the way you feel or act.  

It's easier to point fingers on others and focus on their short comings instead of feeling compassion for others and their journey through life.  

It's almost as if people tend to look at others and judge, thinking that they themselves would have done things differently. But have no understanding over why the person chose to do it their way. 

Who is right and who is wrong?  


What is right and what is wrong? 

Dear Sweden

Feels good to be on my way back to Stockholm, after an intense weekend in Malmö. Honestly I have mix emotions about the events that took place during this weekend and still is happiness the main feeling, knowing that we gained so much from this experience.

But still is disappointment a feeling I am very familiar with. This disappointment is something that I have kept to myself, and finally I feel strong enough to voice my opinion on this matter.

Sweden, you have never accepted my skin color, even though you've been very fascinated with my hair. So many times I've heard that I have that perfect sunburned skincolor people would kill for, and yet I am not white enough to fit in to your society in a way you would feel comfortable with. With other words you say my mother is too black. So distracted by the color of my skin you forget to see past that and forget to see the person I am. 

Growing up I would struggle not because I wanted to be white, but because I wanted to be seen as a human being and not a skincolor! I didn't want to be treated differently and still this was the treatment I was given.  

My father knew that I would struggle with this and tried to prepare me the best way he could for this hard and harsh reality. He said to me that it won't be easy being a smart beautiful black woman in this society so I have to work harder then others to get the things I wanted and to get the respect I deserve. 

For some it's hard to imagine or even understand how hard it is to be different. Standing out without even trying to stand out. I'm not trying to make a statement by dressing provocative or aiming for attention, I just simply want to be me... But I'm guessing that is a statement! 

I want to empower all women out there that feel similar. It is time for us to get the recognition we deserve, not because we are black, different or women, but because we are human!  

Now, with that said I also want to express my gratitude over having a older sister who always have been paving the way for me and the younger generation. Proving that we do not have to complain about the way things look, but simply address reality and create an alternative choice for our youth.

With love!  

Let's do this!  

Sharing knowledge

Life just happens so unexpected, and this I am grateful for! I am grateful to be who I am, where I am surrounded with those I love, and most importantly I am grateful for where I've been. All the experiences that brought me to this exact moment! 

I am not flawless and I know I have plenty mistakes that awaits, but I know that this is also needed in life. We have to have the courage to make mistakes, for it will give us the knowledge and strength for change. 

I do not expect to be right at all times, and I do hope that if someone feels that they hold knowledge of something that might enlighten me, they would share that with me. The same way I love to share the things I've learned so far!  

I don't claim to know it all, I just know what I know, and I may have strong opinions and express my believes strongly. But I am always up for learning, learning is what I live for! 

Good morning

I have yet gotten out for bed, and the time is 10am. I feel chattered, and can't decide if I should order a coffee or a tea from downstairs. I'm guessing that's just luxury problems, being that everything we order comes right up in the food elevator that goes from the cafeteria straight up to my kitchen.  

Latte it is...  

Now I have the next decision to make, what book will I read this morning. I am the kind of person who likes to read multiple books att the time. I feel as if the universe really speaks to me in that way. But the problem is that it takes time to read then, being that I sometimes have a hard time picking I which to read I don't read at all. Some days I read from all of them, those days are my productive days where I listen to my sound books, listen to my podcasts, read all my books and write a couple of pages in my journal. My goal is to have this productive flow everyday, also do morning yoga and meditation and a round two in the evening. 

Oh, there goes my latte. I will continue to write later on today.  




There are so many things happening in my body right now, and I wish I could put words to the experiance that I am having. Over all I feel showered with love, but occasionally sadness washes over me...

I have been struggling to find my place in this world and what I longed for the most was to be accepted by the people around me. Getting their approval was so important that I would bend backwards just to get a pat on the back.  

Finally I stopped trying to prove myself, but sadly I turned bitter instead. After years of working with self acceptance and self love I now realize that I still have quite some work to do. But today my self work is filled with self love.

Today I have people around me that love me even at my very lowest, and because of that I am capable of working through the rough times. They don't expect me to be at my happiest or very best at all times and they understand that I am human. They don't distance themselves just because I'm not as jolly as usual, and they understand when I need to figure something's out for myself. Allowing me to make my own decisions without judgment and supports me all the way.

To my sisterhood, you are all my sisters! I am blessed to have you in my life. Grateful to share joy and pain with you, to share laughter and tears, to share this experience of life with you by my side! I feel blessed to know such beautiful souls!  


I feel as if I am finding my voice, learning to express myself directly, and keep it simple.  


For a long time I felt misunderstood, and the more desperately and aggressively I would express myself, the more I would feel misunderstood.

Now I frankly don't care if you get what I'm saying, unless you ask me to explain. Then I will take my time and to clarify anything that feels unclear.

As long as I stay true to me.