Today My mother is coming to Stockholm to visit me. She recently became a grandmother  and I am now an aunty. So my mother traveled to Gothenburg to hang out with my powerful sister and the little princess! 

I feel so blessed to have this in my life. Even though my sister lives in an other city and my mother lives in an other country, we have a beautiful bond. Plus it gives me opportunites to travel. 

It's time

I now feel the need of going deeper into the darkness to grow. The situation around my are not the environment I want to adapt to or the images people see when then see me is not what I want to live up to. I am learning to live for me and not dedicating my time into pleasing people around me. I'm letting go of the expectations and ignorance of others because it is not my responsibility to make their reality accurate.

I let go of all that does no longer serve me and I do so with love.

All the misunderstandings and differences are now settled. For all those who are around me; I feel with you, I feel for you. But the time has come for me to think of me and now it is time for me to be considerate for myself. I no longer want to place myself in harmful situation, and I want to be able to be love and speed love in all that I do. So for love I now turn to myself. I now return to my cave to develop and grow for your and my safety. I will be back when I have healed what I am working on to heal. So please, immediete family and friends, understand that this is nothing personal. I do this for the sake of all of us. I want to be able to radiate nothing but love. Because love is what I am. 


Isn't it funny that we have a pill for almost everything. ​


My dear soul sister Trisha sparked something in me when she expressed how she feels about today's food consumption. She is studying botany and knows how to make great food off of Mother Earth. Not only does Mother Nature provide us with food, but she also offers us medicin. Healing herbs that will work in symbiosis with your body and its power. After all we are children of Nature, we are a force of nature. 

Trisha mention her view upon GMO, she said something so deep and powerful. "Imagine a seed and you put it in the microwave for two minutes and out comes a meal". I love this! 

My brain started spinning once she mentioned this and I started thinking about the times we live in. Some may call it advanced but I rather call it foolish. Only a fool thinks he knows it all. 

My man often talks about this as well and he says that there is a pill for almost anything today, and sadly this is true. We rather take a pill for the symptoms that we are experiencing, than to go to the bottom of the issue and heal that. You have headache take an aspirin. You have neck pain, take an aspririn. We kill ourselves with painkillers, because no one want to deal with the real problem. What is really the problem?